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I'll Have Some Bacon with that... Fish?

As many of my friends know, I find bacon to be one of the greatest food substances on planet earth and love bacony goodness in many forms. You may be wondering how bacon has anything to do with aquariums and reefing and that is the reason I have created this page!

Butchering Guide


I recently attended the annual PMASI club picnic and was asked to bring a covered dish or appetizer. As a messenger of bacon goodwill I decided that bacon appetizers would be a perfect. Knowing that the main dish (brisket and ribs) would be slow cooked on a smoker and the side dish (fresh cut french fries) would be deep fried, I chose 2 appetizers to fit the cooking method.

Fried anything comes in a close second to bacon on the goodness scale so therefore the only way to make fried anything better is to fry it with bacon, right? Hold that throught...


Bacon Wrapped Tater-Tots

Tater-tots are one form of fried anything. You say "Ohh nay nay Bean, we bake our Tater-Tots." I ask, who bakes tater-tots without spraying them down with oil to simulate fried tater tots, or is it just me? Bacon Wrapped Tater TotsIn any case, when it comes to tater-tots there is only one brand and that of course is Ore-Ida (though there is no brand that should ever ne turned down!) So the question is how does one make Ore-Ida tater tots even better? I asked you to hold that tought, but I know you are a step ahead of me already... You make Ore-Ida tater-tots better by wrapping them in bacon AND deep frying them! To the left is a self explanatory photo of the goodness. I am not sure that any self respecting reef geek (or lay person) needs instructions.


Bacon Wrapped Sausage Loaf

It is not easy to top bacon-wrapped anything, especially fried-bacon-wrapped-anything, but it can be done. So how does one best deep fried, bacon wrapped, tatet-tots? Simple; wrap other parts of the pig in bacon and smoke the result, and that is just what I did.

2 pounds of your favorite sausage (in this case hot and sweet Itialian)
1 pound of thick sliced bacon (in this case applewood smoked)
1 portion of anything else you want stuffed in the porkified loaf (in this crumbled fried bacon) 
2 cups of your favorite pork rub

The process is simple.

  1. Weave the bacon into a lattice.
  2. Spread out the sausage to match size of the bacon lattice
  3. Place goodies of your choice on sausage pattie (fried bacon bits in this case!)
  4. Roll pattie into sausage log
  5. Place sausage log into bacon lattice
  6. Roll bacon lattice around the sausage log
  7. Place the pork delight on the smoker and cook until done!
  8. Slice into thin pieces and serve

Bacon Wrapped Sausage Loaf

One well traveled club member who has a taste for international quisine and delacasies (to remain anonymous) helped himself to slice of the pork masterpiece and asked where the odd but tasty prosciutto came from!


Update 8/21/2012

It has come to my attention that "bacon" is not really such an awesome creation and in fact I (we) only like it due to a meme that spread though North America over the last year or so. Yup, you heard that right, I am only a bacon addict because of the "bacon meme" that has spread (and now appearantly died) at the hands of the Internet driven culture. I am not sure how to account for my 40 years of bacon obsession, but I am all for the fair weather bacon memers moving on to their next fad. That simply means more bacon for me.

Upon, hearing that bacon was no longer in style, another friend and fellow addict has declared "I am with you 100%... fair weather bacon fans move along and good riddance!"




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