Reef Central Gone for Good

Reef Central is Alive!

It would appear that sometime on Wednesday July 15, 2009, suffered an outage due to a database upgrade. 

Posts appearing to come from "beerguy" and "mhurley" (two of the system administrators) started showing up on various forums. The forged posts indicated that ReefCentral was down for good. This is simply NOT true. ReefCentral is alive and well and simply down for needed database maintenance and upgrade.

The initial lack of a status update on the homepage has helped to fuel these rumors. There are clearly some bottom feeders (no pun) that have attempted to take advantage of the situation to drive traffic to their own sites.

From the RC homepage:

Hello RC Members.

Sorry for the interruption. We'll be back in a little while, I need to check something.

To the folks spreading rumors and making up quotes, it's pretty sad when you have to resort to lying to try and get members.

The truth is that during an upgrade to mySQL we encountered an error that needed to be corrected. Unlike most sites, our database is very large and routine checks can take quite a long time to run. That's one of the reasons why we're one of the few sites that runs a full nightly backup. We'll be back this morning with virtually zero data loss. Sorry to disappoint the folks forging the emails.

Slander and libel are pretty serious things.


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