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This is a place for articles and content that just did not fit anywhere else. I don't make a habbit of doing reviews or commenting on the work of others, but sometimes there are exceptions. Quite simply, If you see a review for a product here you can assume I purchased it and feel the need to pass my experience on to others. As such, you will see reviews catagorized as "hall of fame" or "wall of shame". If I post a review that is done in consideration of a complimentery or discounted product, I will clearly point out the consideration afforded by the vendor or manufacturer.


Not a Content Farm!

While the ReefBuilders, Aquanerds and Glassbox Designs of our hobby have their place, I grow tired of content farms where carefully worded canned reviews of every product that drop upon the reefing hobby are posted. If you are looking for reef aquaria related product announcements then is not the place! 


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