75 Gallon In Wall Aquarium

These are the photos associated with my 75 gallon in-wall reef aquarium build. The aquarium is situated in the back wall of my home theater in an area that used to be framed by two poorly built closets. The home theater project was not started until the in-wall build was completed. I dismantled the poorly framed closets (here when we purchased the house) and framed in a new wall for the aquarium. The area behind the tank is the equipment room and is accessible via pocket door in the wall of our home office. If I were to do this over again, I would move the wall to the near side of the basement window, giving me more space in the equipment room. This would allow for a much larger aquarium and a wet sink, etc.

The tile job is pretty crappy, as it was meant to be tempory. I did not take the time to level it or clean up the grout. Why? I had delusions of pulling the tile up after a few months trenching the concrete to add a floor drain into the fish room. The concrete floow pitches 2" from the corner of the room to the doorway into the office! On the home theater side, the floor was leveled with self leveling concrete (a LOT of it!). 

On a side note: . This was the first project in a series of renovations done to our newly purchased 1958 ranch style home. We have gutted most of the basement and refinished it. Shortly after moving in to the home, I mentioned an in-wall tank. She (the boss) made the mistake of saying "that may be nice" before heading off to work. By the time she got home that afternoon, demolition was complete and the new aquarium wall was partially framed. I had also already used the sawzall to cut the opening for a pocket door leading from the new "fishroom" into our home office. I think I remeber tears when she walked into the basement that eveing. She is now MUCH more careful about accidentally agreeing to things but is much more comfortable with construction projects around the home.

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